People buy outcomes not processes

Process talk does not close sales.  People buy outcomes not processes. They are assuming your process will get them the outcomes which is why they are hiring you. If they understood the process they would be using the process already and not need help from someone who actually has a process that gets results.  People buy confidence.  Having a process does help lend confidence but if you talk about process instead of outcomes you will bore people to sleep.  It would be the same if you opened up a book on how SCRUM works and talked about that for 1hr. Are you teaching a class or selling them something? Or you could talk about outcomes instead for 1hr because people love seeing themselves obtaining success.  If you want to talk about process then make a documentary and put it on Netflix so people with too much time on their hands can watch and listen to it.  Same thing with badges.  Badges and logos mean nothing unless someone dumps a ton of money into a branding campaign to express its value. Microsoft has MCSE badges but they dumped a lot of money into those badges and already had a ton of brand equity to add to it so it had value.

BBB is a good badge. Badges are useless unless people know what that badge means. I could make up fake badges and put up on my website and to any stranger it would have the same effect.  People who live in tribes sometimes think people outside the tribe know the value of things the tribe values. They do not.  They just know outcomes they want and if the tribe gives them that then great.   Brand equity is required for badges to actually affect a purchase intent.  Branding signals can assist in creating confidence and trust but if those signals mean nothing then it will not affect purchase intent.  It goes something like this …   The company -(designs) the experience which is interpreted by the customer who determines the reputation which becomes the brand. Without a reputation you do not have a brand. a brand is a perception or group of perceptions people have of any object, person ,place or thing. It lives in the mind of the customer.  To make a badge have meaning to a stranger requires educating that stranger. The stranger cares more about his outcomes than your new badge though.  He only cares about that badge if it means it increases the confidence of his outcomes. But first he wants to talk about his outcomes. Learning about your badge takes work and he’s not getting paid to learn about your badge.    Some people gather more information than others for decision making.

There are 4 buying types

1. Spontaneous (require less info and just want to get it done)

2. Methodical (tons of analysis, need lots of info.. Tend to be Engineer types and analytical minds)

3. Humanistic (need more emotional info and idealistic in views)

4. Competitive (early adopters, want to know how to win and get to finish line early and willing to take on more risk)

Some people are a mix but they will usually be defined by one more than the other in their purchase behavior.  How personality, contextual values related to product or service benefits, income, constraints and so on affects purchasing intent is an enormous subject not worth getting into here.

Everyone already knows the buying funnel I’m sure.  1. Awareness  2. Consideration/Trial  3. Purchase 4. Post purchase evaluation/rejection/refunds

knowing ones target helps to know what types of information they are seeking and knowing what stage they are in helps to know what type of information they need to move them further down the funnel. Many times people are having the wrong conversations with people because they operate out of sequence and talking about badges before problems or outcomes.  Try talking about marriage before the 2nd date and see what happens. Try talking about methodology instead of what the customer is interested in talking about and they will nod their head and agree and then never call you or click on your link.

One must know the proper sequence to move the conversion needle.

Here is a good MVP experiment for a 1hr workshop  Which title appeals to you most and why?

In your answer state your title and then the number of the option you like below and what you hope to gain from that speaking workshop.  Tell me what information you would need to continue the conversation further. What’s in this for you?  I will take the answers and show how occupation can tell you a lot about someones information needs and their personality and if they are someone that I should bother with convincing further or not.  No responses to this will also say something too. It meant I did not start the right conversation with this group which will tell me something as well.  Everyone is waiting to be engaged. They are just wanting to be engaged in the right way.


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